About Us

Hello! Thank you so much for popping by Lost & Loved, we wanted to personally say hi, and give you some background on who we are.

I’m Sophie, I'm 33 years old, (23 at heart), I live in Hertfordshire with my husband, 1 year old Son - Milo, and part time Jack Russell Terrier, Rocky. (My parents and I dog share, as it turns out Terriers are quite good at finding, eating, and digesting large amounts of baby toys).

After spending most of my maternity leave doing what can only be described as extreme nesting / hoarding, I realised I'd soon have to sell my husband to make more space at home, or stop buying vintage. Both seemed like harsh decisions and quite frankly I wasn't prepared to stop my love affair with hoarding. So I decided to keep buying lovely vintage homeware, but set up a way to share and hopefully sell my finds. 

An extra motivation for me was that I'd been made redundant whilst on maternity leave. I'd worked as a PA for over 10 years in the fashion and beauty industries, but this made me recognise the opportunity of finally doing something based around my passion for interiors and vintage. Shortly after Milo's first birthday I found a great part time job in a Home Interiors shop, where I can faff with window displays (an actual job description), and upcycle furniture. On the days I don't work I am out hunting for the items I now sell on Lost & Loved, which also fits around the full time job of Milos private butler, (Unpaid yet rewarding).

To add an extra bit of cringe I’ve included a photo below of us waiting for a bus. :) 

Thank you for reading and for your support, I appreciate it ever so much!

Sophie x